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Did you know that over 24,200 children are hospitalized
each year due to shopping cart accidents?

According to the
American Academy of Pediatrics, an estimated 24,200 children were treated in US hospital emergency departments in 2005 for shopping cart-related injuries - 85% of those were children under 5. Who knows how many others were treated in pediatrician's offices or who went untreated.

Straps & Wraps is just what the doctor ordered. You no longer have to rely on dirty, broken, missing or improperly installed belts. We offer a full over the shoulder harness like a car seat to prevent your child from leaning over the side, leaning forward and putting their mouth on the germy handle and most importantly from standing.

Our lap belt goes across the child's lap (not under the arms) and attaches to both sides of the cart with clips while the harness goes up and over the child's head & shoulders, down the cart seat back and uses a new style of Velcro that slips through the cart and folds back on itself holding the child securely.
Installing your Straps & Wraps takes just a few seconds. With 5 way adjustability it will fit a child from the time they can sit up in a cart unassisted (around 6-8 months) until they have maxed out the cart weight limit which for most kids is about age 3 or 4.
Straps & Wraps was tested on all sizes of carts from the small, narrow ones up to the double seaters at warehouse stores and everything in between.  It works on both plastic and metal carts and in conjunction with your fabric cart cover - just replace their belt with our harness.
Know someone who has young children or is having a baby?
Show them that you care by giving them one of our shopping cart harnesses to keep their child safe.