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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does my Strap & Wraps adjust?
The belt has an adjuster to make it shorter or longer. Placement of the belt clips onto a cart can adjust it as well. The harness itself has 2 loops to thread the belt through. The lower loop is for bigger kids and the upper loop is for smaller kids. The chest strap slides up and down depending on child's height. The harness upright straps can be length adjusted (adjuster is under the wraps) and moving where you Velcro it makes it adjustable, too.

2. How do I care for my Straps & Wraps?
Swish the belt & harness around in the sink with a little dish soap, rinse & hang to dry or in the washing machine in a mesh bag in cool or warm water, hang to dry. The wraps can be hand or machine washed. In the washer, connect the Velcro and use cool or warm water. Dry on low or medium only. 

3. Do I put my child in the cart first or attach the Straps & Wraps first?
It depends on the child and the day!!! Most of the time you can probably put your child in the cart and then attach the harness. As you know there are times when you have to be super quick so you might want to at least attach one side of the belt to the cart, put your child in, attach the other end of the belt and then pull the harness over his/her head.

4. How do I use Straps & Wraps with twins in a double wide cart?
You can either use two complete units installed independently or you can thread two harnesses onto one belt.   

5. Why don't I see any Disney or sports team fabrics on the website?
Legally, we are not allowed to sell licensed items. Lots of people are doing it on ebay and other places but it is against the law. If you have a fabric you want used, you can mail it to us and we'll be happy to make your wraps from it. We only need 1/8th of a yard.